Dr. Ali Dehghani

Dr. Ali Dehghani is an attorney at law with a demonstrated history of working with reputable banks and corporations. He was a judge for 12 years in the civil courts of Iran. His last judicial position was the head of the No. 12 branch of the public civil court of the Tehran judiciary. Dr. Dehghani’s background as a judge is very outstanding which enables him to provide invaluable practical consultations to clients. He has extensive experience in negotiation, arbitration, banking law, and commercial contracts. He has been involved in many arbitration proceedings as counsel/arbitrator. Since 2016, he is one of the arbitrators of the Arbitration Center of Iran Chamber (ACIC).

Ali Speaks fluent English, Persian & Arabic.


Ph.D. in Criminal Law & Criminology

Tehran Univerisity

LL.M. in Criminal Law & Criminology

Tehran University

Bachelor Degree in Law (Judicial Science)

Judicial Science & Administrative Services related to Iran Judiciary Power

  • Civil & Commercial Litigation and Arbitration
  • Corporate Law and M&A
  • Banking Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Commercial Contracts
  • International Trade Law

Iranian Central Bar Association

Arbitration Center of Iran Chamber of Commerce