Dr. Naghmeh Javadpour

Dr. Naghmeh Javadpour is attorney at law since 2012. She has been advising many reputable public companies, private corporations and governmental institutions in the Gulf region. Studied both law and oil & gas contract management in reputable universities and working with well-known national oil companies (NOC’s) and international energy companies, she is familiar with energy practices and is able to have efficient communication with clients and understand their  challenges to offer proper solutions. She specializes in negotiating, drafting and finalizing contracts including upstream exploration and production contracts (E&Ps), midstream and downstream contracts, refinery EPC contracts, technical service contracts and project finance. She also has represented private companies in the region for renewable energy projects, power purchase agreements (PPAs), license agreements and gas transition contracts. Dr. Javadpour is IPMA member and also is providing claim and contract management consultations to clients in all phases of projects including the feasibility study stage, designing proper contracts, finalization of the contracts and giving claim/contract/project management consultations for duration of contracts. She brings pragmatic approach for complex clients’ challenges.   She is very creative in designing proper dispute settlement mechanisms and clauses for every contract and is fully able to suggest and help parties to try mediation, expert facilities and other efficient dispute settlement methods. She has been involved in many internal and international arbitration cases as an arbitrator/counsel of parties.


Ph.D. In Energy Law and Contracts, Foreign Direct Investment, ADR

Allameh Tabatabae University (ATU), Tehran, Iran

LL.M. In International Trade and Economic Law

University of Tehran

LL.B. in Law

University of Tehran

Energy law

EPC contracts

Upstream Exploration and Production Contracts (E&Ps)

Midstream and Downstream Contracts

Gas Transaction Contracts

Public Private Partnerships (PPPs)

Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)

Oil & Gas Dispute Settlement and Arbitration

Alternative Dispute Resolution

International commercial arbitration

Investor-State Arbitration

Iran Central Bar Association