Mr.Mohammed Albattashi


He has been a licensed lawyer in the Sultanate of Oman since 2008, with a master’s degree in private law, distinguished in litigation and defense before the courts, especially in commercial cases, with a high potential for negotiating between parties and concluding settlements and is also a professional in the preparation and drafting of contracts.

Lawyer Mohamed Al-Batashi is creative in finding appropriate solutions to intractable cases and has the experience and skill to provide clients with logical solutions and make settlements. He has already worked for many government institutions and private

companies, which gave him a great deal of experience, made him eligible to perform the duties of a professional lawyer, and to end the outstanding and intractable issues with ease.


LL.M. in Private Law

Dhofar University

Bachelor Degree in Law

Sultan Qaboos University (SQU)

  • Civil and Commercial Litigation & Arbitration
  • Contract Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • International Trade law
  • Licensed By Ministry of Justice at the Lawyers Affairs in The Sultanate of Oman.