Litigation and dispute management

Our firm has an experienced department focusing on commercial and civil litigations as well as specific type of criminal cases in Sultanate of Oman. Our team is composed of high qualified lawyers in Oman and other jurisdictions (especially in the GCC (Cooperation Council Countries) dealing will cases in primary courts, courts of appeal, and Supreme Court. Having strong roots in Oman and other GCC countries, we pride ourselves on being capable to render wide services to clients in the GCC region as well as other countries. Our litigators have strong academic and professional experiences, with multi-disciplinary understanding and perspectives which enable us to offer problem – solving solutions, settlement offers and new contractual / business arrangements to disputants.

Foreign investment

Challenges of international investment sometimes led to lose of investment due to lack of knowledge of investment regulation that all investors must know before investing in the host country. Our clients enjoy the variety of our services our firm offers for the foreign investment, including and not limited to, entity formation, joint venture and investment partnership contracts, partners’ operating agreement, operating contracts, business licenses, immigration paper works,  investment due diligent of investment feasibility such as existence of investment instrument between investor’s country of citizenship and the host country (bilateral and multilateral treaties, Free trade agreement, etc.) and analyzing respective instrument’s clauses to provide the clients with the hands down understanding of legal risk involved with the potential investments. We also offer the service of how our clients could minimize their legal risks.

Investor-state dispute settlement

As the international investment in various sectors grow, disputes between investors and host-states also increases. Our Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) lawyers have significant experience in investor-state mediation and arbitration. Being involved in , PCA, ICSID, ICC, SCC and other institutional and ad-hoc arbitration proceedings, our experienced lawyers with strong academic background combine their outstanding legal knowledge and problem-solving skills with deep industry knowledge and excellent advocacy skills to provide clients with the best services.

International Commercial Arbitration

Our arbitration team is composed of highly qualified and talented dispute settlement lawyers with strong academic and practical experiences in this area.  We are able to handle arbitration proceedings under wide range of arbitration rules and laws all around the world. Most of our lawyers in arbitration department act as counsel and arbitrator in international arbitration cases which enable us to offer efficient solutions to clients. We are able to render services in relation to enforcement of international arbitration awards under the New York Convention 1958 as well as dealing with international mediation settlement agreements under the Singapore Convention 2018.

Intellectual property

 In the technology century, patent, copyright, trademark, and trade secret is the most significant rights to be protected against any infringements or unpermitted use by other party. Our team has extensive litigation and transactional experience in intellectual property. Our team provides world class service in a myriad range from registration, licensing, litigating and disputed settlements in domestic and international forums, as well as consulting clients to be in full compliance with domestic, WIPO and all other international regulatory around the globe. Our intensive experience on Patent and Trademark registration in USPTO, would help the clients to get full protection for the best forum of the world for the intellectual property protection.

Start-up business service

Sultanate of Oman is important country in the GCC region. Located in strategic area and having hydrocarbon resources has made it attractive destination for investors. Our team is equipped with high qualified lawyers to render consultation with  regards to the business start-up including and not limited to business formation, business plan and feasibility, taxation and consultancy regarding dual taxation issues, free zone option and cons and pros, local and international trade and business compliance , business and other business operation related licensing services and compliance,  corporate banking and accounting, corporate financing and capital transfer sourcing compliance service, and all other start-up legal related services.

Regulatory and Compliance

Our firm is well-known for its regulatory and compliance services for all nationalities. We provide world class service for all nationalities those who trade with Europe, U.S.A, and specifically with GCC countries. Our experience would help our client to know the regulations and comply with WTO, domestic, and international trade regulations. We also provide services for ITAR, EAR and OFAC licensing and compliance service to help clients to be in full compliance with the United States sanction and trade regulatory. Our team also have intensive experience on delisting individuals and companies from the U.S.A sanction list.

Contract negotiation, draft Management

Importance of finalizing efficient and proper contracts is undeniable in today’s professional relationships. Contract management services will provide clients to minimize risks and manage the contracts in a peaceful and efficient manner. Our contract management team composed of qualified experts with extensive experiences in many industries in contract negotiation, contract execution and claim management services to clients.

Transnational debt collection

With the domination of international transitions in todays’ world, new challenges also arises. Creditors often face legal challenges. Therefore, it is crucial to entrust a claim to an attorney who specializes in this area. Our professional debt collection team assist clients to recover debts in all jurisdictions. Our team help you to follow efficient debt collection scenarios suitable for your case. We pride ourselves on providing clients with pragmatic creditors’ remedies services to recover their debts.